When precision is critical

1000+ customers have chosen GOTposition as their Indoor Positioning System (IPS)


The worlds most accurate IPS with an accuracy of 10mm


Built to scale just by adding more Satellites


Easy to set up and calibrate. Access to data and SDK.


Low TCO per covered sqm. Easy software upgrades over the air or cable.

Connecting the physical and digital worlds

Enabling a high degree of autonomous automation in a digital supply chain, is one of the most important pillars of the ongoing industrial revolution, also known as ”Industry 4.0”. This calls for precise indoor positioning; to control and guide moving vehicles in the air or on the factory floor, to safeguard that people and goods are not put in harms way and to document that goods, processes and safety comply with expectations.


Precise positioning is essential where people and autonomous vehicles meet


Finding your way starts with knowing where you are


When you also need to know the when and where

Hit a fingernail at 50 meters distance…

Based on more than 10 years of experience in indoor positioning, GOTposition offer the worlds most precise commercial Indoor Positioning System (IPS), with an accuracy down to 10mm. More than 1.000 end-customers rely on GOTposition-powered solutions either delivered directly by us or by one of our distributors or OEM-partners.

GOTposition can deliver the hardware, software and services you need to solve your challenges around precise indoor positioning

Indoor positioning at-a-glance

Many of us use our GPS every day, and takes it almost for granted that we always can see where we are with a for us reasonably accuracy. But the signals from the satellites are weak and cannot penetrate the walls of a house, and – even if it did – the accuracy of the position is not sufficient for many industrial uses.

Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) fill that gap. IPS are basically using the same mathematics as the GPS, by calculating the position of the receiver based on the measured distances to a number of indoor “satellites”. So, the accuracy of the calculated position is highly dependent on how precise these distances can be measured. In our patented solutions we use ultrasound and radio to achieve the best possible precision.