About Us

Based on more than 10 years of experience in indoor positioning, GOTposition offers the worlds most precise commercial Indoor Positioning System (IPS), with an accuracy of 10mm. 

More than 1.000 customers rely on GOTposition-powered solutions either delivered directly by us or by one of our distributors or OEM-partners.

GOTposition can deliver the hardware, software and services you need to solve your challenges around precise indoor positioning

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Contact persons

Søren Hebsgaard


Jacob T. Madsen


Anders Theilgaard

Chairman of the Board



Ved Dammen 1

DK-3480 Fredensborg


Research & Development

Fælledvej 17

DK-6700 Struer


Company history


Founded by Niels Bo Theilgaard Madsen with the company name GamesOnTrack A/S.

The company was founded on two basic assumptions. First, that parts of the hobby-segment continously wanted to pursue the idea of the miniature worlds being as close to the real world as possible, so when GPS and new types of traffic control entered eg the railway industry, so would it in the model-train segment. Secondly, that voice-control and gamification would become a gamechanger for the hobby-industry. 

Our founder was definately right in the first assumption. The second still remains to be seen.


First patent filed.

Traction is gained in the model-train segment with more than 150 new customers added.


First major partnership made with Gebr. Faller leading to a later OEM agreement on the positioning technology included in the Faller Car System Digital 3.0


First industry pilot projects initiated – primarily focused on precise positioning of drones in indoor environments


First industry customer outside the hobby-segment starts development based on GamesOnTrack technology.


The founder sadly passes away.

New leadership of the company, Søren Hebsgaard starts as new CEO

The new GOTposition brand is created to better accomodate the industrial segments, and better be able to differentiate and communicate the products and services between the industrial and the hobby segments.