Research paper on GOTposition PS accuracy

Scientists from Aalborg University recently released a new research paper called “Evaluation and Comparison of Ultrasonic and UWB Technology for Indoor Localization in an Industrial Environment”.

One of our two product lines were included in this research, and we have eagerly awaited the result. The short version is that the GOTposition PS system deliver double the accuracy than competing technology and is deemed as “an acceptable accuracy required for tracking people or objects”. And this is exactly what the GOTposition PS product line are designed for; for scale and the capability of tracking many moving objects simultaneously. Ideal for eg. Fleet Management Systems with mobile robots from multiple vendors or have other types of vehicles or personnel operating in the same area.

Are you looking for higher accuracy, then take a look at our other product line, GOTposition PG, that are capable of delivering accuracy down to 10mm.

The research paper can be found here.

May 5, 2022


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Saving emissions and time

Automating manual tasks can not only be good for business and the environment, but it’s also fun to be a part of. As in the example in the video where we help push the limits of how far you can go with automating a tractor.

The rover drives in special predefined patterns to level the soil correctly and navigates to within centimeters of the rider guard surrounding the arena. The corners are levelled by automatically backing with the attached tool.

May 1, 2022


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R22 Robot Conference

GOTposition had a booth at the R22 conference taking place in Odense, Denmark.

Attendance was great an we had many interesting talks with future customers and partners on not only navigation of robots, but also on the need for indoor positioning for Fleet Management.

Especially if you have mobile robots from multiple vendors or have other types of vehicles or personnel operating in the same area, then you might find that some of these are not capable of publishing their actual position and state – and most probably none of these are capable of doing it on the same map.
Therefore, you need a common infrastructure capable of positioning all types of objects in one shared coordinate space, before you can get full benefit of a FMS.

March 23, 2022


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Great article featuring GOTposition partner, X-Drive Robots

Our partner, X-Drive Robots, are featured in a great article in the Danish industry media Electronic Supply. The article is in Danish.

Apart from using GOTposition PG for positioning, X-Drive Robots also commissioned GOTposition to develop the primary application for controlling the huge autonomous rover. With a towing capacity of 500 kg the rover is capable of automating many tasks that are outside reach of most robots today – the first applied use for the rover will be grooming and levelling equestrian arenas. 

The first rovers will be ready for deployment early next year.

See more on X-drive Robots here.

The article can be found here.

October 1, 2021


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New website launched

The new website for GOTposition (this one, you’re looking right at it!) is launched. More content will come over the next few months.

September 28, 2021


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